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K26 Vertical Flange-Type

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Dry - Type Single - Plate Electromagnetic Clutches (K26 Vertical Flange-Type )


A clutch / brake combination unit with direct-mount motor.
The casings of clutch and brake are made of aluminum alloy partially, featuring drip - proof construction.
Meets IEC standards; compact, space - saving, and easy to install.
The base is mounted horizontally.
Easy to maintain.

Main Products:

Electromagnetic CMotor, AC Compact Motor, Locking Pliers, Tiling Tools, Fishing Pliers, Knife Sharpener, Vise Grip, Belt - Transmission Variable - Speed Motors, Dry - Type Single - Plate Electromagnetic Clutches, Compact AC Gear Motorlutch, Electromagnetic Brake, AC Gear Motor, AC Compact Gear

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