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Motor giảm tốc Cycloidal mặt bích

  • Motor giảm tốc Cycloid Transcyko, Cycloid Speed Reducers Transcyko
Liên hệ 0909.000.786
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Cycloid Speed Reducers Transcyko
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0.00 KGS
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Loại động cơ: Động cơ giảm tốc / Hãng sản xuất: TRANSCYKO / Xuất xứ: Taiwan / Công suất nhỏ nhất(W): 180 / Công suất lớn nhất (KW): 160 / Hiệu suất (%): 98 / Momen đầu trục cực đại (Nm): 88 /

Loại động cơ : Động cơ giảm tốc
Hãng sản xuất : TRANSCYKO
Xuất xứ : Taiwan
Tỷ số truyền : 1/3 ~ 1/5.800
Công suất nhỏ nhất(W) : 180
Công suất lớn nhất (KW) : 160
Hiệu suất (%) : 98
Momen đầu trục cực đại (Nm) : 88
Kiểu lắp : Chân đế , mặt bích & nhiều kiểu lắp khác tuỳ mục đích khách hàng

Cycloid Speed Reducers, Motor giảm tốc Cyclo
replace conventional gear and speed-reducing motor, applicable to the repeated impact load, sholdering load of 500%, it featuring small size and standardization.
· Applicable to AD, DC, Servo, oil pressure and gas pressure motor
· Torque value: 0.6 - 6000kgf.m
· With brake and (optional) additional torque regulator

Detailed Product Description

-Cycloidal Speed Reducer 
-Same dimension as SM 
-500% shock load capability Reducer 
-Cyclo Gear Transcyko type 

Cycloidal Speed Reducer Transcyko Type

 The Varitron Cycloidal Speed Reducer delivers the features today’s industry needs. High reduction ratios, without sacrificing efficiency. Compact designs, without requiring special motors. Exceptional shock load capacity, without having to oversize. Greater overhung load capacities, without using expensive special components. A precision backlash option, without resorting to special gearing. All of this, while requiring minimal maintenance.

 • Single stage reduction ratios up to 87:1 saves space

• Rolling motion minimizes friction and wear, reducing heat,resulting in a 95% efficiency rating per stage

• 500% shock load capability as there are only compressive forces rather than shear forces on the tooth

• Low speed of cycloidal wheel results in minimal reflected inertia, less wear, and extremely long service life

• Due to the large overall “tooth / pin” contact area, select a Reducer using smaller mechanical service factors

  • Horizontal,vertical, double shaft, motor mount and others
  • W/AC,DC, Servo, Brake, Hydraulic, Air Explosion Motor
  • Motor provided is 100% Taiwan made with CE & ISO cert.
  • Ideal for stop/start and reversing operation
  • Durability
  • Precision
  • Cycloidal Reducers' bearings uses KOYO, NTN, SKF, NSK
  • Flange diamentions or shaft can be coustomise.
  • Ideal reducers,gearbox to meet your speed transmission needs.
  • Same foot mounting as SM heavy 

 Size from 0.4kW(1/2HP) to 75kW(100HP), Phrase from 2P to 16P, Voltage from 110V to 660V

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